New York Designers For Social Change

Design Saloon Event 26/10-10


55 Broad Street
13th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Design: Salon is an opportunity to view and participate in “design projects in progress” this month we will be hearing insights Nuppu Gavert and Ville Tikka from the recently launched, Wevolve a future oriented think-do tank. Also, you’ll learn about how our design thinking process is shaping up for our collaboration with Digital Democracy. If you didn’t make it last month you can read about it here. So come out and participate in our process and be our disruptive innovation.
Following we will have an opportunity to form into groups harvest smaller discussions, and include guest participants to collaborate. Note: We will be in the main section of the Hive so we have lots of room to spread out and lots of white boards :)!

So your invited to bring you collaborators, or just bring yourself get us on the right track to world-changing ideas. We are embracing this experimental and collaborative event… We look forward to how it is going to unfold with you.


About sifz

Currently a student at The KaosPilots International - school of creative business design, project management, process design and leadership.
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One Response to New York Designers For Social Change

  1. sifz says:

    Really cool event. Hive 55 has these events once in a while, so it might be cool to check it out from time to time.

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